Current research

Most of my research can be accessed through my SSRN page. Recent papers and projects include:

Late Colonial Antecedents of Modern Democracy. To the presented at the Australasian Public Choice Conference, Brisbane, 9-10 December, 2019. (With Martin Rode)

Does Economic Freedom Boost Growth for Everyone? Presented at the annual meetings of the Public Choice Society, Louisville, 14-19 March, 2019. (With Andreas Bergh)

Civic Honesty and Cultures of Trust.

When do Coups Succeed? Presented at the annual meeting of the European Public Choice Society, 1-4 April, Jerusalem, 2019. (With Greta Piktozyte and Martin Rode)

Coups, Regime Transitions, and Institutional Change. Presented at “Political Economy of Democracy and Dictatorship” in Münster, 28 February to 2 March, 2019, and the University of Hamburg, 24 April, 2019. (With Daniel Bennett and Steve Gohmann)