Current research

Most of my research can be accessed through my SSRN page. Recent papers and projects include:

Does Economic Freedom Boost Growth for Everyone? To be presented at the annual meetings of the Public Choice Society, Louisville, 14-19 March, 2019. (With Andreas Bergh)

Why do Military Dictatorships Become Presidential Democracies? IFN Working Paper no 1194.

Do Voters Dislike Liberalizing Reforms? New Evidence Using Data on Satisfaction with Democracy. IFN Working Paper no 1197. (With Niclas Berggren)

The Effect of Coups d’états on Repression: Are all Coups Alike? Presented at the Annual International Conference of the Research Group on Development Economics, Heidelberg, June 3-4, 2016; and annual meeting of the European Public Choice Society, April 19-22, Budapest, 2017. (With Katharina Pfaff)