Upcoming talks / visits

Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. Visiting 11 November to 15 December.

Australasian Public Choice Conference, Brisbane, 9-10 December. Presenting “Late Colonial Antecedents of Modern Democracy.” (With Martin Rode)

Danish Public Choice Workshop, Copenhagen, 24 January. Presenting “Freedom of Expression and Social Conflict.” (With Jacob Mchangama)

Fourth Conference on the Political Economy of Democracy and Dictatorship, Münster, 27-29 February. Presenting “Good Coups, Bad Coups.” (With Lena Gerling and Stefan Voigt)

Public Choice Society, Newport Beach, 12-14 March. Presenting “Freedom of Expression and Social Conflict” (With Jacob Mchangama) and “Economic Freedom and the CO2 Kuznets Curve.”